"Having avoided close relationships due to trust issues, cuddle therapy was my attempt at a temporary substitute for platonic physical human contact. I wasn't expecting the internal emotional release that occurred during the session as I experienced a non harmful form of intimacy that turned my self protecting view on its head. Mel is kind and warm, yet gently assertive, building trust while leading the way to healing platonic touch. A skilled professional with a truly nurturing personality." - S.

"I was extremely nervous about doing this but felt it may be of benefit with my current situation. Right from the initial zoom call Mel put me at ease and I was looking forward to our first session even though still nervous. When I walked in, Mel goes through some exercises about boundaries for each other which puts you totally at ease, then the actual session itself was just AMAZING! We went through so much I could feel the weight lifting off my shoulders within minutes. There was so much involved from gentle touch to long firm hugs that your body and mind feel immediately elated. I would highly recommend this to everyone. You don't realise how much you're missing in life until you have one of these sessions. I can't wait to go back for my second one! :)" - C.

"You take the benefits away with you. A welcomed new smile on my face has appeared, a gap between mind and heart has been bridged. The whole experience from consultation to end of session has been professionally delivered with care and unconditional empathy. I have no doubt I will be back for another session, I have no doubt this therapy is what I needed. Melissa's maternal warmth dissolves any nervous feeling, replacing it with a homely embrace. Melissa understands the value of her service and is committed to fulfilling that value." - A

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you. You truly don't know how good it felt. Things were far better than I could have ever imagined although nervous at first, you made me feel calm and relaxed so well, then everything just felt so natural. Seriously I could have stayed all day it felt so good. I can't believe the time went so quick." - C.

"Having made some changes and discoveries in my life, Mel was attentive, open and accepting as she let me talk it out. She listened without prejudice or bias and she was supportive and encouraging with her words. I felt so glad that it was her who had heard all my concerns."- P.

"After feeling rather anxious while driving over for my first session with Mel, upon being greeted at her lovely home with a big smile and friendly persona, my anxiety soon turned to calm. Everything about the session was explained beforehand openly and honestly. I came away from this wonderful experience feeling calm and ever so relaxed. I will now be going on a regular basis and I would highly recommend Mel."- A.

"Felt so good, relaxed and energised after todays session, the best I have felt for ages." - C.

"Mel amazed me with her great service I didn't expect that, I was feeling down then suddenly full of joy and happiness such as I was in darkness then came into lights, waw it was a miracle. She has big love and smooth silky skin, she squeezes me tightly which is relief my pains and forget all my worries sadnesses you can ask her anything as long as it's platonic. She's very open minded don't be shy. She's wonderful person and a carer. Big thanks and greetings to Mel." - Ali

"The therapy session was amazing. The room is great, quiet and relaxing. I achieved a very good level of calm and inner peace. The session energised me for the whole day. I totally recommend and I will definitely come back. Thank you. One happy customer." - C.

"A really positive experience. Felt very welcome and relaxed from the start and was a nice escape from my minds usual anxious state for a couple of hours. Thanks again, I definitely hope to have another session some time soon." - B.

"Not sure what you did yesterday. Only normally sleep 3-4 hours per night, last night slept 7 hours and the alarm had to wake me. Very, very rare." - C.

"It was a new experience for me and I was unsure what to expect, but I really enjoyed it and was put at ease straight away. I left feeling refreshed and uplifted" - R.

"The virtual was amazing, it was like we knew each other for a long time, she has a way of connecting with you and is the greatest listener I have ever met. Don't miss the chance of meeting "YourEmbraceMel" she is a beautiful person." -E.

"I feel so much calmer and more well balanced." - C.

"I just did a virtual session with Mel. She has a very maternal energy/ spirit to her. She is everything I wanted to get out of a session. I really can't wait till the day we can do an actual in-person session. I very highly recommend Mel." - R.

"The tight hugs were heavenly." - C.