Your Cuddler

Your Cuddler – a Certified member of Cuddle Professionals International

Hello, my name is Mel and I'm proud to be a professional cuddler. Having always been a very warm, affectionate and maternal person, I decided I wanted to provide a service to those who may not have the opportunities to experience caring and nourishing touch. I am a natural listener, an empath and an advocate of platonic intimacy with a desire to offer support and understanding.

I am accredited by Cuddle Professionals International and I have completed courses in mental health awareness/ first aid and counselling skills and I have a positive outlook on life with a love of meeting new people. I am also a Reiki practitioner.

I offer you platonic touch sessions in a safe space, no matter your gender, race, shape, size, sexual orientation or mobility issues. I want to provide an empathetic ear for you to share your worries without judgement, whilst receiving 100% of my attention, affection, compassion and reassuring physical contact. All while practising consent and respecting personal boundaries.

Everyone deserves to be held, nurtured and appreciated for who they truly are. The mental and physical health benefits of which are innumerable.